Pulse Generator Test

I did a little experiment to test what effect water and our pulse generator.

17 inches of water was added between the transmitter and the receiver.  Screen shots of the spectrometer waterfall graphs was taken before and after the water was added.

Program used:
DL4YHF's Spectrum Lab (Audio Signal Analyser)
Compiled July, 7 2009

WTF,  The receiver antenna that is in water is in noisier environment than when the antenna is in air.  Although the pulse generator appears to be unaffected by the water at all.  It is also unfortunate that I did not snap the screen shots while the pulse generator was actually on.

The other unfortunate part of this experiment was the part where I cut the antenna leads by mistake.

Without water:

With water:

This is one experiment what I want to perform again:
1.  Increase the distance between the transmitter and the receiver.
2.  Get an average power level during and after transmitter output with and without water.

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